♦ reservation

♦ reservation
♦ reservation /rɛzəˈveɪʃn/
1 prenotazione (cfr. booking): to make a reservation, prenotare; I have made a reservation on the morning flight to London, ho prenotato sul volo del mattino per Londra
2 [uc] riserva: He agreed, but with some reservations, ha accettato, ma con qualche riserva; I have reservations about buying this house, ho delle riserve sull'acquisto della casa; without reservation, senza riserve; (leg., relig.) mental reservation, riserva mentale
3 (in USA e in Canada) riserva: an Indian reservation, una riserva indiana
● (econ.) reservation demand, domanda di riserva □ reservation price, prezzo di riserva.

English-Italian dictionary. 2013.

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